Lodging information

The invited speakers will stay at the Hotel Zaza Museum District,  5701 Main St, Houston, TX 77005. 

The organizers have reserved a block of rooms for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, at the Hilton Houston Plaza/Medical Center, 6633 Travis Street, Houston, TX, 77030. Rooms will be assigned by conference staff, to all graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, based on individual preferences indicated in the registration form, and will be paid directly by the conference organizers. Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars who are willing to share a room with another early-career participant need not book rooms on their own. 

The area around Rice University and the Texas Medical Center has dozens of other hotels in various price ranges for participants who will book their own hotel rooms. Rice University partners with the Campustravel.com agency for a convenient way to book hotel rooms near campus. Please visit this site: Rice University – Campus Travel Management .